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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Benghazi - Follow the Weapons

                Douglas Hagmann is the founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network; he is also a multi-state licensed private investigative agency.  He uses his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism and increase public awareness through his website.  He can be reached here  He recently published a very interesting article at Canada Free Press. 

                Mr. Hagmann reminded his readers of the instructions received by Washington Post journalists Woodward and Bernstein from their confidential source known as “Deep Throat.”  The source told the journalist to “Follow the money” in order “to get to the bottom of the Nixon White House cover-up of the Watergate burglaries in 1972.”  Media persistence forced the creation of the Senate Watergate Committee, which eventually led to indictments, convictions, and the resignation of President Richard Nixon.  Nixon resigned before he could be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.  His problem was not only the crime but also the cover-up of the crime.

                Mr. Hagmann continued, “In consideration of last week’s announcement of a Select Committee on Benghazi, truth-seeking Americans titillated by the formation of this committee would be well advised to recall the backroom dealings that established the Senate Watergate Committee and the political perimeters to which it was bound.  The back story is nicely articulated by Jeffrey Lord in his article published in the American Spectator titled Trey Gowdy and the Real Lesson of Watergate.   Although I am in favor of the formation of a truly independent investigative body, my hopes for the whole truth to be made known are not only tempered by history, but the magnitude of the crime, not scandal, that is now simply known as `Benghazi.’

                “In the event that it has gone unnoticed, the White House and the U.S. Department of State is desperate for every American to believe that persistent questions about the attack at Benghazi on September 11, 2012, that killed four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador (the first such murder in more than 30 years) are nothing more than a baseless political ploy against the current administration and a gratuitous attack to derail a potential future candidate for president.  So do many in congress.  So do nearly all of the major media outlets, every Progressive blog on the internet, and countless political pundits.

                “Irrational yet exuberant allegiance to their own political messiah and their matriarch of international mayhem aside, there is a much more important reason for this frenzied veil of protection against any thorough and meaningful inquiry.  Although only a few similarities exist between the `Deep Throat’ of Watergate and my intelligence source for facts related to Benghazi, the message is similar.  Instead being directed to `follow the money,’ I was directed to `follow the weapons.’”

                Since receiving that instruction, Mr. Hagmann has written more than four dozen investigative reports about the attack on Benghazi.  He also interviewed Robert “Tosh” Plumlee on his radio broadcast, on April 30, 2014.  The Obama Administration is trying to silence Plumlee because of the eleven questions he posted on his Facebook page.  Mr. Hagmann asked another question that deserves an answer:  Where was Barack Obama during this period?”  His secondary question is, “If Barack Obama was not in charge or making decisions during this most critical period in recent American history, who was? 

                The efforts of the administration to silence Mr. Plumlee and other whistle blower illustrate the need for us to seek more truth.  Mr. Hagmann’s article is very informative and helpful in this endeavor.  I encourage you to read it.

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