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Monday, August 8, 2016

Senator Mike Lee and Truth

                I had a short but interesting discussion with one of my daughters recently. There were eight of us in her car – the six members of her family, my husband and myself. One of her sons began asking questions about the people who are on our coins and dollars. I listened as she answered his questions until he asked about Alexander Hamilton. My daughter did not know much about him other than the fact that he was a U.S. President. I corrected her and explained that Hamilton was not a President but is honored because he started the banking system for the United States. She accepted my explanation, so I attempted to teach her more about him.

                I am reading a book written by Senator Mike Lee titled Our Lost Constitution – The Willful Subversion of America’s Founding Document. I had just finished reading Lee’s words about Alexander Hamilton. Early in the Constitution Convention, Hamilton gave “an uninterrupted six-hour speech” about his proposal for a “strong government” led by “an elected monarch.”

                I tried to share this information with my daughter, but she was more interested in where I got the information. I pulled out my book to show her, but she dismissed the information because it was written by a conservative. She wanted to know who the author was, so I showed her the front cover of the book with the name of Lee written across the top of it. She and her family have lived in Utah for two or three years, but neither she nor her husband knew that Mike Lee is their Senator.

                I have two daughters who vote Democrat or have done so in the past. They both voted for Obama the first time. This daughter was wise enough not to vote for him the second time and probably will not vote for Hilary Clinton. The other daughter intends to vote for Clinton in this election. Because I know my daughters and know they are genuinely good people who want the best for our nation, I have a very difficult time classing all Democrats as “evil.” Having said that, I believe there are many people, particularly Democrats, who refuse to fully study both sides of the issues simply because one side is conservative. My daughter admitted that she did not know much about Hamilton, but she denied that he wanted a monarch simply because the book was written by a conservative. That does not make sense to me!

                My daughter is not the only one who is unwilling to listen to both sides. I recently made a post on Facebook about a statement made by Hilary Clinton about the need for changing religious ideas. An associate jumped down my throat and insisted that Clinton did not make the statement. A friend backed up my statement and gave a link to it. He explained that my quote was not a perfect quote, but it stated the same idea as found in the link. He continued in his explanation that my associate could understand that the statement meant something different than I thought, but she had to admit that Clinton said what she said. My associate could not do it.

                Truth is truth no matter the source. Barack Obama was elected as President of the United States, not just once but twice, by people who refused to listen to the words he said. They denied all the warnings because they already made their decision and would not listen to conservative viewpoints. We are currently enduring another presidential election cycle, and many among us disregard conservative warnings about Clinton. All of us should be seeking the truth and looking for it from all sources. We cannot disregard statements simply because they are made by a liberal or by a conservative. We can know the truth of all things – even political matters – by asking the Source of all truth. If we sincerely want to know the truth, we can find it with the help of God. I encourage my readers to make their political choices a matter of prayer and then to follow the promptings given by God. We can know the truth and be free!

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