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Monday, August 15, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke

                I have admired Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark for several years because he stands firm on law and order and speaks the hard truth. A black policeman in Milwaukee shot an armed black man on Saturday when he refused to drop his weapon, and protesters started rioting and burning the town. They drew more demonstrators by using social media. They burned several businesses, including a gas station, a bank, an auto parts store, and a liquor store. They threw rocks at police, leaving an officer injured.

                Sheriff Clarke consulted with Governor Scott Walker and Major General Donald Dunbar of the Wisconsin National Guard and requested the mobilization of the National Guard. He issued the following statement:  “We cannot allow for a repeat of what happened (Saturday) night. I am going to utilize all available resources to accomplish that.”

                Using strong words, Sheriff Clarke proclaimed “that it is the ghetto that needs to be fixed and not the police.” He justified calling in the National Guard on Sunday to avoid a repeat of the destruction on Saturday night.
                “People have to find a more socially acceptable way to deal with their frustrations, their anger and resentment…. We cannot have the social upheaval – the chaos that we saw [Saturday] night that frightens good, law-abiding people in those neighborhoods…. We have a growth of the underclass here in Milwaukee. And we saw some of their behaviors on display. Fortunately, the loss of life of innocent civilians and law enforcement personnel did not happen. I think only by the grace of God, with bullets flying all over the place.”

                The sheriff did not stop there. He “emphasized that the shooting of the suspect only ignited a situation that already existed, and it is failed urban policies that are to blame. These conditions include failed public schools, homes without a father, inadequate parenting and the presence of gangs and thugs in these neighborhoods, along with massive unemployment. Clarke said that these conditions fuel resentment, anger and frustration, which boils just beneath the surface before an incident ignites it, and then it is hijacked for political reasons.

                Sheriff Clarke continued by saying that “an inadequate criminal justice system that gives criminals too many chances and not enough punishment creates an atmosphere where those breaking the law do not fear the consequences of their actions. He said, for example, that the suspect who was killed had been arrested 13 times for serious offences, but was still free on the night of the incident.”

                On a program with Glenn Beck, Sheriff Clarke said, “`It’s the same ingredients that exist in a lot of urban centers, where you have the presence of the underclass. You have the ghetto, and you have pathologies associated with that. You have inescapable poverty. You have failing public schools. You have massive unemployment. You have a father absent in homes. You have questionable lifestyle behaviors….’ Sheriff has called what happened Saturday in Milwaukee a social order collapse, with `tribal behavior’ taking over and the law of the jungle replacing the rule of law. A straight shooter, Clarke doesn’t mince words or kow tow to politically correct labels.”

                I like Sheriff Clarke because he does not pull any punches but simply says the truth. Why was this thug out on the street again after 13 arrests? Where are the fathers? Why is there so much unemployment in the black community? Just as the Sheriff said, the problems are all caused by failures in the culture, which are brought about by liberal policies. 

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