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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Are We Heading for Biden’s “Long Dark Winter”?

             Today was a dark day in America. President Donald Trump called for his supporters to come to Washington, D.C., and hundreds of thousands of God-fearing, law-abiding patriots answered the call. They gathered last night without any problems or disturbance – just as they have done on numerous occasions over the past year. Yet, something strange happened today.

The media would have us believe that the God-fearing, law-abiding patriots suddenly went crazy. They are accused of breaking through the police lines and breaching the nation’s capital. One man even had the nerve to make himself comfortable in the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Unfortunately, four people lost their lives today. One woman was shot by capital police, and three people died with health problems – heart attacks?

I do not believe that the terrorists – at least most of them – came from the ranks of the patriots. The so-called Trump supporters that I have seen do not look like Trump supporters in their dress or in their manners. In addition, a former-FBI agent is claiming to have seen a bus load of Antifa pull up to the protest. Is it true? I do not know, but I believe that it is.

I believe that Antifa followed through on their weeks-long plans seen on the internet to infiltrate the protests and turn them violent. They planned to dress as patriots and to wear MAGA hats to blend in with the real Trump supporters. Maybe they even carried flags. They probably expected the hundreds of thousands of patriots to follow them as they breached the Capital Building, but they must have been sorely disappointed. Law-abiding, God-fearing, America-loving patriots do not trash their nation’s capital, and they chose to remain outside.

The tactic of the terrorists apparently paid off for them as at least three Senators changed their minds about sponsoring objections to election fraud. Senators and representatives alike withdrew their support for the objections. This is one reason why I do not believe that the terrorists came from among the patriots. The disturbance did not take place until the vote in Arizona was challenged. If there had been no challenge, there most likely would not have been a disturbance because there would be no need for one.

Delaying the debates about election fraud would not help the cause of the patriots. As we saw, it only helped the agenda of the Leftists. Trump supporters wanted the debates to take place because they needed their objections to be heard. They desired the American people to know about the election fraud that they believe took place because the media has been telling Americans that there was no evidence. This is the main reason why I believe that the Trump supporters would not have interrupted the process.

There is another reason why I believe that today was a dark day in America. It appears that the two Senate seats in Georgia were claimed by the Democrat candidates. From what I am reading, there were signs of election fraud in this run-off election like that in the presidential election. The Republican candidates were way ahead until about 11:00 when a spike in votes put the Democrats in the lead. There were also problems with the Dominion machines that quit working in the Republican-majority counties.

Without honest investigations of election abnormalities, we will never know what happened with the Republican votes or what caused the sudden, straight-up spike with just enough votes to put the Democrats ahead. Since Democrats appear to be in control of the White House, the Senate, and the House for at least the next two years, it appears that they can make all their dreams come true.

If Democrats are true to their word, we can expect some rule changes in the Senate as well as additional justices added to the Supreme Court. They may even follow through with their threats to make changes to the Electoral College. We may never have another honest election in this nation again, and our Republic is doomed to fall without integrity in our elections. Therefore, we may be heading for many dark days in our future. Maybe we will even enter that “long, dark winter” promised by Joe Biden.

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