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Monday, January 4, 2021

Who Is Devin Nunes?

             My VIP for this week is Representative Devin Nunes (R-California) who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom today. The medal was presented to Nunes in an Oval Office Ceremony attended by Nunes’s family, staff, and several Republican congressmen. The medal was presented to Nunes for his diligence in reviewing the Russia collusion delusion. According to the press release:

Devin Nunes’ courageous actions helped thwart a plot to take down a sitting

United States president….

Devin’s efforts led to the firing, demotion, or resignation of over a dozen FBI and DOJ employees. He also forced the disclosure of documents that proved that a corrupt senior FBI official pursued a vindictive persecution of General Michael Flynn – even after rank-and-file FBI agents found no evidence of wrongdoing.

[Nunes] pursued the Russia Hoax at great personal risk and never stopped standing up for the truth.

He had the fortitude to take on the media, the FBI, the Intelligence Community, the Democrat Party, foreign spies, and the full power of the Deep State….

Devin paid a price for his courage. The media smeared him, and liberal activists opened a frivolous and unjustified ethics investigation, dragging his name through the mud for eight long months. Two dozen members of his family received threatening phone calls – including his 98-year-old grandmother.

[Nunes] uncovered the greatest scandal in American history….

In 2017, Congressman Nunes launched an investigation into the Obama-Biden administration’s misconduct during the 2016 election – and began to unearth the crime of the century….

As a result of his work, he discovered that the infamous Steele Dossier was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. He found that a senior Justice Department attorney was married to one of the architects of the document. He learned that the Obama-Biden administration had issued Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants to spy on President Trump’s campaign and illegitimately unmasked several innocent spying victims for political gain.

            I rejoiced when I read that Nunes’s effort had been recognized in such a wonderful way. In my book, he, his staff, and his family are all heroes in this battle to maintain our republic.

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