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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Are You Ready for the Coming Circus?

            Today is another sad day in America. The Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and joined by ten Republicans, impeached President Donald J. Trump for the second time. In doing so, they cheapened the process and made it meaningless. Now, impeachment is a political tool and means nothing. It no longer brings shame on a politician, and it may become a badge of honor at some time in the near future. “I wonder how many times I can be impeached and remain in office!”

            The Democrats at least had a real charge this time – “incitement of insurrection” – even if it is a faulty one. Insurrection is citizens rebelling against their government with acts of violence. It is a crime under federal law to incite, assist, or engage in such conduct against the United States. At no time did Trump “incite” his supporters to rebel against the government.

The first time that the do-nothing Democrats impeached Trump, they did not even have a real reason. However, they do not seem to care because they are never forced to face the consequences. They can do or say whatever they want – even incite violence in riots, and their voters will continue to vote blindly for them. Why should they obey rules? All that is important is that they win and continue the governmental handouts. Blacks are starting to wise up to the Democrat tactics – promise lots of free stuff and do nothing to help – and leave the Democrat plantation. I wonder when Whites will follow them.

The fact is that Trump did not incite the riot. He obviously believed that he lost a rigged election and sought to pursue every constitutional means possible to prove fraud. He succeeded in his task even though no institution would hear evidence.  At first, the Left said that there was no election fraud. Then their claim was that it was not widespread. Then they argued that there was not enough fraud to overturn the election. How will we ever know when no real investigation was held?

 It is true that Trump invited his supporters to Washington, D.C., and he is guilty of being naïve enough to believe that only his supporters would come. He knew that he had no need to worry about his law-abiding, patriotic citizens, but he apparently did not consider that bad actors would infiltrate his supporters. Trump mentioned to his supporters that they would soon be moving over to the Capitol “peacefully and patriotically.” Then he continued talking for another half hour or so. Meanwhile, the barrier at the Capitol Building was breached while Trump was still speaking more than a mile away. There is no way that the people listening to Trump could be the same people who breached the Capitol unless they time travel.

Pelosi rushed the impeachment through the House so fast that it makes her look even more like a crazy woman. What could scare her so much that she would take such drastic action? What “dirt” does Trump have on her and the rest of the swamp? It must be bad!

I hope that Trump unclassifies every paper and report that he possibly can before he leaves the Oval Office and spills all the filth spread by the Swamp creatures over the past fifty years. They surely think that they won a victory today, but they just showed their true natures --hatred and vindictiveness – for all the nation to see.

The impeachment vote will assure that Donald J. Trump will be written up in the history books. As the first President of the United States to be impeached twice, he will not be forgotten. When future generations see that he was impeached twice, they will do more research to determine why. Then the truth will come out, and mud will be thrown over the names of Nancy Pelosi and her minions. Trump will go down in history as the only politician that kept his campaign promises – and got impeached twice for doing so!

Pelosi used impeachment as a political tool to protect the Swamp rather than a process to protect America and Americans. It now opens the door to every President being impeached for nonsense reasons. I understand that papers will be presented in the House of Representatives on January 21, 2021, to impeach Biden. I wonder how many times Biden will be impeached! It might be better to impeach Biden and Harris as a pair and make it two for one. Maybe we can hire venders to sell popcorn and peanuts outside Congress and turn our nation into a real circus.  

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