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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Why Does the Deep State Hate Trump So Much?

             The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday is the history fact that President Donald Trump was impeached a second time this week. Trump called for his supporters to travel to Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, the day that Congress was scheduled to certify the electoral votes. Trump was addressing the crowd of hundreds of thousands to millions of supporters during the time that “bad actors” breached the barriers at the U.S. Capitol Building. Yet, Trump and his supporters were blamed for the attack on the Capitol.

            The mob attack on the Capitol gave Democrats a much-needed “crisis” to not “let go to waste.” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi introduced a single article of impeachment that read: “Donald John Trump engaged in high Crimes and Misdemeanors by willfully inciting violence against the Government of the United States.” All Democrats in the House, plus ten Republicans, voted to impeach Trump.

            Pelosi hoped for a quick impeachment followed by a fast conviction to remove Trump from office as quickly as possible. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threw cold water on her plans when he said that he would not call the senators back in session to hold the trial. Undecided about voting for conviction, McConnell did not rule out a Senate trial that would eventually convict Trump. However, he insisted that the Senate was not returning until January 19. A trial will most likely be delayed until after the Inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, which would be after Trump is out of office.

            Pelosi is expected to pass the article of impeachment to the Senate on January 19, 2021. The senators will reconvene the day prior to Inauguration Day on January 20, and no one knows what the leaders in the Senate will do. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) made the following statement declaring that removing Trump from office is beyond the constitutional authority of the Senate after he leaves office. 

The House has passed an article of impeachment against the president, but the Senate under its rules and precedents cannot start and conclude a fair trial before the president leaves office next week.

Under these circumstances, the Senate lacks constitutional authority to conduct impeachment proceedings against a former president.

The Founders designed the impeachment process as a way to remove officeholders from public office – not an inquest against private citizens. The Constitution presupposes an office from which an impeached officeholder can be removed.

            Senator Cotton declared that all decisions should be guided by “fidelity to the Constitution.” He opposed all efforts to reject certified electoral votes, and he opposes the impeachment process.

            Pelosi’s desire and action toward a quick impeachment and trial showed that she was afraid of Trump. She made it sound as though he was a danger to the country and went so far as to contact the Joint Chiefs of the military to convince them to not work with Trump. The Joint Chiefs said that they considered Trump to be their Commander-in-Chief until noon on January 20, 2021.

            We soon learned why Pelosi was in such a hurry. Within hours of the impeachment information began leaking out about the attack on the Capitol. The FBI knew that an attack on the Capitol was being planned and relayed it to the Capitol Police. The Chief of Capitol Police requested more police as well as National Guard units to help protect the Capitol. His requests – several – were declined. We have not learned who declined the requests, but it could be Pelosi and McConnell, the leaders of the House and the Senate.

            In addition, news continues to leak out about the people who attacked the Capitol Building. The timing and distance between the Capitol Building and the White House where Trump was speaking to his supporters makes it nearly impossible for the same people to be both places. Plus, the attack started 20-30 minutes before the President finished his speech.

            The nation is united in demanding that the perpetrators of the attack be arrested and tried. Republicans are always against riots and destruction, but Democrats choose the crimes that they are against or for. Now that investigators say that members of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa were leading the attack, Democrats are not so adamant. Republicans say that anyone who commits a crime should be held responsible.

            The bottom line is that Trump could not have incited the attack. He was not through speaking when the attack began. The distance between the Capitol and the site of the speech were separated by a distance of a mile and half. People have said that it would take up to 45 minutes for the Trump supporters to arrive at the Capitol. In addition, Trump did not say anything to incite the rioters. He mentioned that they would be moving to the Capitol “peacefully and patriotically to make their voices heard.” Yet, Pelosi plunged quickly into a second round of impeachment for the President.

            Thursday or Friday President Trump unclassified a stack of documents about 12-14 inches tall and ordered them to be released. The documents are the papers held by the FBI since the beginning of the Trump Administration in one of the greatest crimes ever in the U.S. government. Obamagate is a spying action led by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the Trump 2016 campaign and into the early weeks/months of his presidency. The head of the CIA, the FBI, and other government officials and employees were involved in the attempt to remove Trump from office. Their efforts continue to hurt and complicate the lives of several members of the Trump campaign and/or administration.

            The Russian collusion delusion was investigated for more than two years and cost the nation more than forty million dollars. The results showed nothing. Democrats were not to be denied, so they pounced on a call that Trump made with the President of Ukraine. Democrats insisted that there was quid pro quo on the call – meaning that Trump promised something to Ukraine if he got the help he wanted. Trump merely questioned some business dealings of Hunter Biden with Burisma. The Democrats ran full speed ahead to impeachment, but the Senate did not vote to convict him and remove him from office.

            Meanwhile, the China coronavirus hit the United States and dealt a blow to the U.S. economy. Democrats used the virus to hurt Trump, and they also planned to commit election fraud. At the suggestion of Hillary Clinton, key battleground states flooded their states with ballots that could not be controlled. There was election fraud, but no one will ever know if there was enough to affect the election. Judges would not look at cases, and Congress refused to investigate. Democrats finally accomplished what they wanted: get Trump out of office.

            The problem is that getting Trump out of office is not all they want. They want to destroy him. The second impeachment was rushed through to make sure that Trump is ineligible to run for any office again. Even that accomplishment does not satisfy them. They are trying to destroy him and his family financially, politically, and every other way.

            The actions of the Democrats beg one question: Why are they so afraid of Trump? The only answer that would explain their fervor in destroying him is that they are afraid that he will expose their corruption for all Americans to see. Well, the evidence is coming out. Emails about the Biden family corruption in doing business with China show that Biden is compromised. He has already sold America out. The unclassified information about Obamagate is proof of the corruption in the Deep State and that Obama was instrumental in it. The Deep State is nothing but a secret combination or a group of secret combinations.

The fact is that the President of the United States does not run the country. He is a figurehead for a nation led by corrupted individuals who are trying to destroy the U.S. Constitution and government. Up until Trump, the President either worked with the perpetrators or turned their heads away from the evidence. The government of the United States is under the control of secret combination(s), and Trump was standing between them and the American people.

From their point of view, Trump had to go one way or another. I prefer that he lose the election rather than lose his life, but his exit from the White House leaves Americans – Trump supporters and Trump haters – with a defender. We are now at the mercy of the perpetrators of the greatest governmental scandal in our history.



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