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Monday, January 18, 2021

Did You Think to Thank Trump?

             My VIP for this week is President Donald Trump. Today I am thinking about all the sacrifices that he made to be President of the United States. He had wealth, fame, friends, and power before he ran for President. He did not want to be President, and he put it off for a number of years – even when people like Hillary Clinton said that he would make a good president. However, he could see that his country needs his strengths, and he answered the call to serve.  He sacrificed his life of ease and fortune to be hated, censored, and blacklisted for something that he did not do. So tonight, I wish to thank him for his sacrifices. So, this post is an open letter to President Donald Trump.

Dear President Trump,

            Thank you for being willing to stand between all Americans and the enemies – foreign and domestic –who seek to destroy us. Thank you for taking the spears and arrows from the Deep State, the Democrat Party, and the mainstream media that were intended for us. You often said that they were coming after us, and that you were just in their way. We can certainly see the truth in that statement now that the election was stolen by fraud, and Big Tech has silenced you.

Now the hate-filled leftist radicals that were clamoring for your blood are coming after us. They are censoring our social media, threatening to reprogram us, and making threats about sending our children to re-education camps. The tolerant Left is not at all lenient when they are in power. We can see that conservatives are a threatened species in a nation run by Democrats and the Deep State. Thank you for protecting us for as long as you did!

            Thank you, Mr. President, for sharing your beautiful family with us. Americans with eyes to see noticed the love and the support that you received from Melania, your children, and your grandchildren. One can tell the type of man that you are because your children adore you and surround you with their strength. Thank you for being a great example of a wonderful family.

            Thank you, President Trump, for your willingness to lose wealth while you served us. Most politicians go to Washington, D.C., to become wealthy, but you did not. You were already wealthy when you announced your candidacy for President and promised to donate your salary to charity. According to this site, these are the organizations that benefitted from your donations. Thank you! 

2017 first quarter: donated to The Department of the Interior for The National Park Service, for the preservation, security and maintenance projects of the nation’s 25 battlefields.

2017 2nd quarter: The Department of Education, which would fund science, engineering, technology, and math STEM focused camp for students.

2017 3rd quarter: Health and Human Services to help combat the opioid epidemic.

2017 4th quarter: Department of Transportation – Supporting and modernizing crumbling and falling infrastructures.

2018 1st quarter: The Department of Veteran’s Affairs to support its Caregiver Programs.

2018 2nd quarter: The Small Business Administrations, in support of Veteran program called “Emerging Leaders” which is an adaptation program for transitioning Veterans who are in process of leaving the military world and entering the civilian world and job markets, this program makes job and career endeavors hopeful with training and possible Entrepreneurship.

2018 3rd quarter: The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism, researching the disease of alcoholism. Which by the way affects many of our returning veterans from the ravages of war.

2018 4th quarter: Department of Homeland Security, which is comprised of many agencies focusing on securing the United States and it’s citizens regarding citizenship and immigration services, the Coast Guard, the Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Federal Emergency Management Agency among others included under the umbrella of DHS.

2019 1st quarter: USDA-The Department of Agriculture- Outreach programs that benefit farmers.

2019 2nd quarter: The Surgeon General’s Office – Funding upcoming public health advisory, protecting the health and safety of all Americans.

2019 3rd quarter: The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health – To continue the ongoing fight against the opioid crisis by overseeing federal public health offices and programs.

2019 4th quarter: The Department of Health and Human Services – To help confront, contain, and combat coronavirus.

2020 1st quarter: The Department of Health and Human Services – To develop new therapies for treating and preventing coronavirus.

            Thank you for the donations as well as other sacrifices of wealth. I understand that other members of your family also donated their salaries to charity. I have heard of only one previous POTUS who donated his salary, and that President was John F. Kennedy. Thank you for your concern for other people.

            Thank you for showing us what it is like to have a working President. You are well-known for working long hours, and you took few vacations. You never left the United States unless you were on State Business. Unlike the previous occupants of the White House, you did not waste taxpayers’ money on personal vacation trips in all areas of the world. Melania also worked hard as First Lady, and she did so with few staff members and without any salary.

            I want you to know, Mr. President, that there are Americans that appreciate your efforts and sacrifices. As far as I am concerned, you are the best POTUS in my lifetime. I am sorry to see you treated with such distain and hate. You do not deserve it, and millions of Americans stand with you. Thank you for your service!

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