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Friday, January 8, 2021

What Stirred the FBI to Do their Job of Investigating Federal Crimes?

            Most of the world now know that some so-called Trump supporters breached the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. I call them “so-called” because no true conservative would break the law and destroy the property in their own house – the People’s House. The terrorists should be arrested and brought to justice.

            I understand that the FBI have arrested 52 people for the assault on the Capitol with 26 of those arrested “on the grounds of the Capitol.” I hope that they find every person who breached the Capitol, particularly those who damaged the People’s House and those who caused injury or death to any person. I am grateful that the FBI is on the job, and I hope that every single terrorist is brought to justice. I encourage anyone who has any information about any of the terrorists to contact the FBI and pass it along.

            I support the FBI in their investigations of terrorists. However, I hope that they will exercise the same zeal in investigating Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other organized gangs. I particularly hope that they will zealously investigate the Deep State, Big Tech, and the biased media who perpetrated and/or supported the election fraud that started the snowball of frustration rolling and gathering speed. This does not excuse the perpetrators of the assault on the Capitol – but the fraud was the basic cause of it.

I know that many people blame Donald Trump for “inciting” the mob behavior. Without the fraud, there would have been no talk of stealing the election. However, Democrats cannot let any “crisis go to waste,” so they continue to stir the pot with their talk of using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, filing another impeachment attempt, censoring free speech, and generally being hateful while calling for unity – or appeasement on the part of conservatives. The hypocrisy is appalling!

            Maybe the FBI could exhibit the same dedication in investigating Facebook and Twitter for their unconstitutional censorship of free speech. They do not censure everyone – just those who have different political opinions. How about investigating the mainstream media for their censoring of information that is critical of Democrats – such as the fact that a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden had information tying him to business with the security chief of China?

            Any living being – animal or human – will eventually fight back if they are poked and prodded and shocked enough times. It is far past time for equal justice under the law. If military personnel or government employees are arrested and thrown in the slammer for misuse of classified information, then Hillary Clinton deserves to be thrown in the slammer for her email debacle. Putting her State Department server in a closet in her home was a planned break of security, and she should pay for it just as any other American would. Clinton is not the only one getting “get out of jail cards.” How many of the demonstrators that took over the Capitol Building during the Kavanaugh hearings were arrested for doing so? None!

            This is America where we claim to be a nation of laws and not of individuals. It seems that the laws apply to only the deplorables, while the elites do what they choose. This is not fair, and it is not right. We should be condemning lawlessness from all law breakers without regard to political party, ideology, race, religion, etc. No one is above the law. I hope that the FBI and the other law enforcement agencies in this great nation will be motivated to bring back equal justice under the law and Make America Great Again.

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