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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Will You Miss President Trump?

             Tomorrow is Inauguration Day, and President Donald Trump will become a private citizen once again. He will stop carrying the weight of the nation – and the world – on his shoulders, and he will attempt to go back to his regular life. Yet, life will never be the same for him again because he is not the same man that he was before becoming President of the United States. The decisions that were his to make, the events that he experienced, and the growing knowledge of national and worldly concerns have changed him. He will be missed by all Americans – whether they know it or not at this time.

            Trump gave his farewell address to the nation today, and he sounded like a world leader. I expect to see a great difference between Trump’s speech today and that of his successor tomorrow. One has great strength of mind and body, and the other struggles to string more than a few sentences together without bungling the words in some manner. It is strange because both men are about the same age with only four years between their ages.

Trump turned 74 years old last June, and Joe Biden turned 78 years old last November. By comparison, President Ronald Reagan was only 69 years old when he was elected, and Trump was only 70. We can expect that the additional seven or eight years in age will affect how Biden leads the nation. We will not see a vibrant President working long hours every single day like we saw with Trump.

I think back to how previous Presidents aged while in office. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama were all comparatively young men when they were elected, and they all left office with many more gray hairs than they had before becoming President. Since Biden is already old, he better not age quickly, or he will be quickly pushed aside by his eager-for-power vice president-elect.

I listened to Trump’s farewell address today. I believe that he will be a strong voice for America for many years to come. Under his leadership, America became great again, and the other nations respected us once again. It was nice while it lasted!


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