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Friday, January 22, 2021

What Are Marriage Myths?

             Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when marriage myths are exposed. I am taking a marriage class this semester and have been studying marriage myths. I discovered that there are numerous myths about marriage. I also learned that myths could cause problems in marriages if they are believed.

            Myths may come from your culture or from watching the people around you. You may see happily married couples and believe that marriage should be easy with your spouse knowing exactly how to make you happy. You may believe the myth that happily married couples do not have any conflicts.

            You can Google “marriage myths” and learn about many of the myths. An article at this site was about seven of the most persistent myths. 

1. Myth: Your true love will automatically know what to say and do to make your happy.

Fact: … Since our partners can’t read our minds, it’s important for each of us to communicate our needs in a marriage….

2. Myth: There’s a universal path in marriage, such as having kids.

Fact: … When couples are trying to make big lifestyle decisions, such as whether to have kids, going along with the common or traditional path – without considering their needs and beliefs – only leads to problems.

3. Myth: Having kids brings couples closer.

Fact: Having kids can deepen partners’ understanding of each other and their intimacy [but children can also bring stress to the relationship.] ….

4. Myth: Differences will ruin your marriage.

Fact: It isn’t the differences in a marriage that potentially destroy it … [but] the way we respond to those differences that’s the key….

5. Myth: Happy couples don’t argue.

Fact: … Healthy couples do argue. But they don’t “explode, hit below the belt, or use arguing as a tool to gain power in the relationship.” …. “The healthiest couples also seek to resolve arguments, are able to adjust to the resolutions, and then can forgive and move on.”

6. Myth: Happy couples have to do everything together.

Fact: Spending time together and sharing common interests is great, but focusing on your own interests also is healthy….

7. Myth: Monogamy means dissipating passion or boring sex.

Fact: … “The sexual excitement in a long-term relationship is not the same intense lust that takes over when you first meet someone, but it’s a deeper exhilaration that develops from knowing someone intimately and profoundly.”

Were you surprised with any of the myths? Well, now you know some facts. I suggest that you learn about other myths in order to make your marriage the best it can be. By learning about marriage myths and dismission them from your marriage, you can strengthen your marriage as well as your community and nation.

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